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CME 260: Properties of Materials

Offered: Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Summer 2020, Fall 2022, Spring 2024
Prerequisites: CHEM 112 or CHEM 122MATH 181, and PHYS 141.
Course topics: Introduction to the relationships between composition and microstructure; correlation with physical and mechanical behavior of metals, ceramics, and polymers; manufacturing methods; service performance; materials selection.

CME/ME 261: Materials for Manufacturing

Offered: Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Spring 2022, Spring 2023
Prerequisites: CHEM 112 or CHEM 122MATH 181, and PHYS 141.
Course topics: Introductory-level course in materials engineering to familiarize students with relationships between processing, structure and properties of materials used to manufacture devices.

CME 470: Physical and Mechanical Properties of Materials

Offered: Fall 2021
Prerequisites: CME 260, CME 261 or instructor permission
Course topics: Review of Bravais Lattices, Constitutive Laws; Elasticity tensors; Review of phase diagrams; Thermodynamics of mixtures; Nucleation and growth kinetics; Thermomechanical processing of materials

CME 560: Advanced Crystallography and Diffraction 

Offered: Spring 2020, Spring 2022, Spring 2024
Prerequisites: Graduate standing or consent of the instructor
Course topics: Non-cubic crystal systems; Point and Space groups; The reciprocal lattice; Bragg and Laue equations; Structure factor determination; X-ray diffraction; Electron diffraction; Electron backscatter diffraction

CME 594: Physical Properties of Nanostructured Materials

Offered: Spring 2019, Spring 2021
Prerequisites: Graduate standing
Course topics: Scaling laws in materials; Nanomaterial synthesis; Applications of nanomaterials; Mechanical properties of nanostructured materials; Optoelectronic properties of nanomaterials